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Fritz Steele, Ph.D.

Organizational Ecologist

Fritz Steele Consultants


Fritz Steele is a professional consultant working primarily in the areas of organizational change, organizational culture and organizational ecology (workplace strategy and development).  He specializes in writing about concepts learned or developed in these areas and the consulting process itself.  For the last few years he has mainly been involved in large-scale projects aimed at reshaping organizational campuses and the ways people work with one another with the goal of creating high-choice, agile, and flexible organizations that can cope with today’s fast-changing world. Fritz also provides simpler services including quick problem assessments, short-term counseling and on-call advising as needed.


Fritz taught organizational behavior, organizational change and interpersonal dynamics at Yale University. He has also taught at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, in the Radcliffe Graduate Management program, and summer programs in The Harvard Graduate School of Design. Fritz lives and works out of York, Maine.  He holds a BS from Yale University and a PhD in Organization Studies from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.


Selected Books:

Stephen Jenks & Fritz Steele, The Arrogant Leader: Dealing with the Excesses of Power, (Kittery: Smith/Kerr Associates), 2012.


Franklin Becker & Fritz Steele, Workplace by Design: Mapping the High-Performance Workscape, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1995.


Fritz Steele, Making & Managing High-Quality Workplaces: An Organizational Ecology, New York: Teachers College Press, 1986.


Fritz Steele, The Sense of Place, Boston: CBI Publishing (Van Nostrand Reinhold), 1981.


Fritz Steele & Steven Jenks, The Feel of the Workplace (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley), 1977.


Fritz Steele, Physical Settings and Organization Development, (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley), 1973.


Book in Process:

A Freespace Handbook: Innovative Workplaces for the Agile Organization



Portsmouth Consulting Group (PCG)

Fritz is one of the founding partners of PCG, a small, non-profit consulting firm made up of senior Organizational Behavior consultants, writers and educators


American Psychological Association

The premier professional association for practicing psychologists in the USA


Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE)

A Portland, ME professional association dedicated to the promotion of effective consulting skills and supportive partnerships with both clients and fellow practitioners


What’s your favorite part of your job?

Repeatedly discovering and getting to know new micro-worlds of clients, detecting patterns and possibilities.


What do you do that helps you feel balanced in your life?
Activities for Balance in Life: distance running, playing golf, and making art (collage).


What’s the one work/tool technology that you could not live without and why?

Indispensable work tool/ technology: Really my own eyes, to see places; for tech, my Mac and iPhone combo, which connects and stores my life.


Who is your hero?

First person that popped into my mind was James McNeil Whistler, second was jazz violinist Stephan Grappely.


What are you reading right now?
The Moment You Can’t Ignore (O’Connor & Dornfeld) and Griftopia (Matt Taibbi).


What is your favorite childhood book?

The Wind in the Willows (I’ve been obsessed with places ever since…)







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