WTF helps  business leaders clarify their strategic vision, create work environments that support that vision, and empower employees to do their best work.

The intersection of leadership vision, HR and facilities is the sweet spot of WTF.


To transform culture, all three aspects are involved: vision + people + place = transformation.

We design with people, not around them or without them. We involve your company leaders and employees in the design process, we train your team on how to interact with their environment, we engage them in the development of their workspace.

Lisa Whited

Chief Transformation Officer


Lisa is a workplace transformation facilitation consultant who focuses on the connection between organizational development and facility design, specializing in strategic planning and effective change management.

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Gretchen Boulos

Interior Designer

Boulos Commercial Design

Shannon Banks

Executive Leader

Banks Bellwether

Caren Martin, Ph.D.


Martin & Guerin

Denise Guerin, Ph.D.


Martin & Guerin

Luke Thomas

Head of Growth at Crystal. Founder of Friday Feedback

Julie Tupper

Interior Designer




Polly Chandler

Leadership & Team
Building Trainer

Chandler Coaching

Elizabeth Frisch

Leadership Coach

The Thrival Company



Fritz Steele, Ph.D.

Organizational Ecologist
Fritz Steele Consultants

Chelsea M'Lynn Miller

Writer & Enthusiastic Catalyst

Amy King

Brand & Content Muse

Nested Strategies



Robert Brochu

Graphic Design/Branding

Brochu Design

Knowing that all projects require different skills and expertise to meet the clients’ specific needs, we bring together the appropriate team members from the beginning of each project. We have a deep bench of experts in everything from project management and architecture, to behavior science, brand strategy, research, and design.



  • Clarify organizational vision
  • Learn about existing culture
  • Observe how people work
  •  Audit the work environment


  • Implement physical changes
  • Provide employee workshops:
  • Examples include communication, group dynamics and strengths finder trainings
  • Measure results


  • Engage employees in focus groups
  • Find evidence-based solutions
  • Test recommended changes
  • Solicit feedback on changes
  • Refine design

Josef Chalat



workplace transformation facilitation

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